Do I need to do my guests laundry (e.g., towels, linens, sheets, etc.)?

Do I need to do my guests laundry (e.g., towels, linens, sheets, etc.)?

Of course not! We wouldn't be much of a property management company if you had to. We handle all of the linens so you don't have to. 
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    • Do I need to provide paper towels, soap, and toilet paper?

      You won't need to stock anything ever again. We keep your property stocked and deduct the cost of goods from your earnings. No more related trips to the store to stock your home. 
    • How does Cohost screen potential guests? validates all guests via a proprietary 3 step process listed below. 1. Survey - Including IP and Address Verification 2. Persona Validation - Facial and Government ID Compliance 3. Booking Channel Verification Each Channel is different and ...
    • How does Cohost handle noisy guests?

      We use a product called NoiseAware. It measures decibel levels in your house without recording any guests stay. If above a certain sound level, a message will automatically be sent to the guest to urge them to quiet down. Of course, if guests ...
    • Do guests pay any type of cleaning fees?

      Depending on the size of your home, we will designate an optimized pricing for cleaning fees. This is calculated so the home can be cleaned while also keeping the fee low enough so guests still book your property. Here is some estimated prices for ...
    • Who takes care of my lawn, my pool, etc.?

      Just how we handle trash pickup, turnover cleanings, and guest communications, we schedule pool care, hot tub care, lawn care, and just about everything to keep your property in pristine shape.