Do I need to provide Cohost with photographs of my home?

Do I need to provide Cohost with photographs of my home?

You don't have to, but it sure would help! We do send out a photographer to get pictures though. These photos will be yours to keep to do with as you wish.  
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    • What can I expect to find in a Cohost home?

      A Google home, a smart wifi/bluetooth lock to access the home without the need for keys, and a digital guidebook with directions to the property, check-in and check-out information, local recommendations and more! 
    • Do I need to provide paper towels, soap, and toilet paper?

      You won't need to stock anything ever again. We keep your property stocked and deduct the cost of goods from your earnings. No more related trips to the store to stock your home. 
    • Who is Cohost?

      Cohost is a short-term rental property management company. We are family operated and aim to provide the best experiences to guests staying in our host's homes.  
    • How does Cohost secure my home and manage keys?

      Cohost will install smart locks (or wifi/bluetooth locks) from our partner RemoteLock. These locks allow us to generate new entry codes for each guest and turnover cleaner. Using a smart lock allows us to track who was the recent person to have ...
    • How old do I have to be to rent a Cohost home?

      In most areas, you can book a Cohost home if you are 21 or older.