How do I know if my property is a good fit for Cohost?

How do I know if my property is a good fit for Cohost?

Our mission is to provide a “hands-off” approach for our property owners with a focus in quality and optimizing passive income. We care for the property as it is our own and want to ensure guests at your property get to experience why you enjoy the home and area.

Most properties are perfect for any type of rental income. This all depends on your location and the regulations put in place in your area. For example, Denver county has regulations stating that you must be the primary resident to list your property for short term rentals. If you happen to be in an area that enforces these regulations, you can still get our help managing traditional long term rentals. Learning more about the rules in your area would be a great first step.

Some things to consider if Cohost would be a good fit for your property is the distance you live away from the property, or if you live at the property. If you live at the property, you most likely won't need a property management company to assist you with your turnover cleanings or guest communications. For homeowners with secondary homes, a Cohost may be a great solution to the time it takes to manage the property.

Think of Cohost as a property management service that gives you your time back. It can take up a lot of valuable time running a rental property. It can easily take over 40 hours a month to operate a successful short-term rental.  

To dig deeper and find out if we can work for you, we can set up a meeting to go over all the details. You can contact us here.

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