Should I keep track of expenses I have spent on the property?

Should I keep track of expenses I have spent on the property?

Absolutely. Many of the expenses you incur (i.e. supplies, property management fees, travel, etc.) can be tax deductible and lower your taxable income. It is highly encouraged to track all expenses related to the property to optimize your overall return. You will receive an itemized document from us every month stating expenses deducted from your earnings, your income, and any other information that is needed. You should keep these statements on file for tax reporting purposes.
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      You will be sent a digital guidebook after reservation. This will give you all the information you need to find and enjoy the property. The digital guidebook will include the smart lock entry code, directions to the property, recommendations for the ...
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      Of course! With technology so prevalent in our lives today, being able to book a vacation online is a necessity. No matter which management package you decide to go with, we will list your property on all the major listing channels.  Having your ...
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      After signing in from our home page, you will see "Owner's Dashboard" on the left side. This will take you to your property on our management software. There you can block off dates for yourself.  
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