What makes Cohost different?

What makes Cohost different?

Cohost offers full-service property management for Short-Term Rentals. Short-term rentals have been gaining popularity as a source of extra income for homeowners. A homeowner or 'Host' can list their home or extra bedroom on listing platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor for guests to book as a hotel or bed and breakfast. Cohost manages many aspects concerning short-term renting that may be cumbersome for a homeowner. This allows the homeowner to benefit from the short-term rental market while not investing the time involved in running a rental.  Below you can see a list of our services compared to other property management services. 

Cohost property management comparison

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    • How does Cohost work?

      Cohost prides itself in being a full-service property management company. By full-service, we mean that your property is 100% handled by us. We market your property through listing channels such as Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, TripAdvisor and more, for ...
    • How does Cohost screen potential guests?

      Cohost.com validates all guests via a proprietary 3 step process listed below. 1. Survey - Including IP and Address Verification 2. Persona Validation - Facial and Government ID Compliance 3. Booking Channel Verification Each Channel is different and ...
    • How does Cohost determine pricing for my property?

      Cohost utilizes several metrics to determine the best price for your home. Our team and our artificial intelligent software analyze economic conditions, seasonal trends, and pricing of local competitors to give you the best opportunity for occupancy ...
    • How is Cohost different than a company like Airbnb and HomeAway?

      Airbnb and HomeAway are listing channels. They are a marketplace for homes to be listed on. We are a property management company that lists our Host's home for them, while handling routine tasks involved with a rental property. 
    • Who is Cohost?

      Cohost is a short-term rental property management company. We are family operated and aim to provide the best experiences to guests staying in our host's homes.